Credits: Tomb of the Serpent Kings by Skerples is available here and is made available under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.
Art by Scrap Princess ( and Map by Janon, aka "Pervy Molesto the Goat-Fiddler"
This RPGCRawl version is reordered in the layout described below by Duncan Young, with minor additional descriptive content and made available under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.

Using the RPGCrawl system: Simply click on the map to the left as the party navigate the dungeon and the room descriptions will appear in the format below

Room Number Room Title
  This section summarises the room contents and any special rules or event
Tracks Signs of tracks or activity
Sounds What the PCs may see, hear and smell on closer inspection of the room
Creatures Summary of any creatures present. Click to reveal details
Traps Description of any traps and triggers
Treasure Summary of any treasure and value