What the inhabitants of the area known to the people of the north as the Hexenbracken call it is not known.

What is known is that it is characterized by shipwrecks, goblin raiders, and a very thin veil between this world and the next. There are rumors of hyperintelligent monkeys, Queen Jane suspects an insect cult in the south, and the central mountains are dominated by the ruins of an ancient black marble city.

Nearby kingdoms fear great power shifts in the wake of the wedding of 7 ogre magi...click the map to explore

Simply click on the map to the left as the party navigate the world and the hex descriptions will appear here

Credits: I can take no real credit for this work. The original idea was by Zak Smith at D&D with Porn Stars, based on a map from Brendan at Necropraxis, detailed by the community, collated by Random Wizard (see pdf version too) and codified by Ramanan Sivaranjan at Save vs Total Party Kill. I'm the lazy schmo who just reformatted it here from Ramanan's work.

Hex content is contributed by Zak Smith (125), Ray Colina (64), Trent B (58), Reece Carter (40), Joey Lindsey (25), Matt Maranda (24), Ben Djarum (21), Jason Sholtis (19), M Nicksic (18), Wayne Snyder (18), Claytonian JP (18), Jack Mcnamee (17), Martin Bay Thomsen (15), Casey Garske (14), Ian Burns (11), Darien Mason (11), Niles Calder (10), Jürgen Mayer (9), Gus L (8), Harald Wagener (7), Jacob Hurst (7), Richard G (7), Mike Evans (7), John Bell (7), Random Wizard (6), Steve Sigety (6), Jensan Thuresson (6), Chris Blauwkamp (5), David Brawley (5), Paul Schaefer (5), Matthew Burack (5), Noah Marshall (5), Jeff Rients (4), Duncan Young (4), Richard Rush (4), Levi Kornelsen (4), Stuart Marshall (4), Michael Currie (4), Bennet Akkerman (4), Chris L Sheppard (4), Alex Williamson (4), Shaine Edwards (4), Brendan S (3), Joshua Macy (3), Dave Booth (3), Ben Hannigan (3), Justin Howe (3), Eric Boyd (3), Peter Seckler (3), James Smith (3), Ed Hackett (3), John Carr (3), Brian Green (3), Thomas Fitzgerald (3), Anthony Picaro (3), August Aronsson (2), James Young (2), Adam Thornton (2), Asen R Georgiev (2), James Clark (2), Anthony Stiller (2), Gennifer Bone (2), Olman Feelyus (2), Dan Cassar (2), Edgar Johnson (2), Jeremy Morgan (1), John Johnson (1), Gabriel Perez Gallardi (1), Nakia Pope (1), Paolo Greco (1), Heikki Hallamaa (1), Zzarchov Kowolski (1), Courtney Campbell (1), Sam Mameli (1), James Stuart (1), David Pretty (1), Dave Younce (1), Simon Forster (1), Anders Nordberg (1), Patrick Henry Downs (1), Rob Acton (1), C. W. Marshall (1), Humza Kazmi (1), Taar Koth (1), Tom Hudson (1), Alex Mayo (1), James Raggi (1), Kerry Forester (1)